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This section addresses these key topics:

Advocacy Committee
Evaluation and Research Advisory (ERA) Committee
Plan Advisory Committee

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is a joint committee of the Consumers Commission and Service Providers Commissions of the Chicago Alliance. The role of the Advocacy Committee is to:

1. Develop the Alliance’s advocacy agenda on an annual basis, for approval by the Board of Directors
2. Oversee the activities of the Alliance in pursuing the Alliance advocacy agenda 

Committee Members:

Cynthia Bradley, Wraparound Services Constituency Group
Joyce Coffee, Domestic Violence Constituency Group
Margaret Haywood, Service Providers Commission, Committee Chair
Millie Hernandez, Service Providers Commission
Angela Hicks, Service Providers Commission
Pamela Kerr, Homeless Action Constituency Group
Megan LaFrambois, Permanent Supportive Housing Consitituency Group
Kathleen Molnar, Homeless Prevention Constituency Group
Daniel Pasquini-Salazar, Council on Latino Homelessness
Jen Patterson, Homeless Families Constituency Group
Tedd Peso, Homeless Youth Constituency Group, SPC Ambassador
Keith Richardson, Consumers Commission, CC Ambassador
Erin Ryan, Discharge Planning Sub-Committee
Joseph Taylor, AIDS Housing Constituency Group
Elizabeth Tumiel, ONE Committee on Homelessness
Thomas Williams, Consumers Commission

Recent Committee Meeting Minutes

2010 Meeting Minutes
2009 Meeting Minutes

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Evaluation and Research Advisory (ERA) Committee

The ERA Committee’s charter includes four elements.

1. Advise the Alliance on research on or related to Chicago’s Plan to End Homelessness.

2. Be available as an advisory committee, resource, and reviewer for research projects being conducted by various stakeholders that inform the planning and/or advocacy goals of the Alliance.

3. Identify, develop and coordinate research collaborations for the Alliance to be conducted out of this committee.

4. The ERA Committee will consist of independent researchers and representatives from the Alliance’s Consumer Commission and Service Providers Commission.

Committee Members:

Susan Grossman - Loyola University School of Social Work
Dan A. Lewis - Northwestern University, Institute for Policy Research
Jim Lewis - Chicago Community Trust
Charlie Hoch - University of Illinois Chicago
Michael Sosin - University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration
Amy Rynell – Mid-America Institute on Poverty, Heartland Alliance
Christine George - Loyola University, Center for Urban Research and Learning
Dorothy Yancy - Consumers Commission
Flora Koppel - Unity Parenting and Counseling
Fred Friedman - Consumers Commission
John Pfeiffer - Inspiration Corporation
Julie Dworkin - Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
Liz Drapa - Corporation for Supportive Housing
Melanie Anewishki - Featherfist
Michele Haughee - Beacon Therapeutic

View past committee meeting minutes and documents.

Plan Advisory Committee

The role of the Plan Advisory Committee is to oversee the activities of the Chicago Alliance in implementing Chicago’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, “Getting Housed, Staying Housed” in light of the Implementation Schedule [link to document], any work plan adopted by the Chicago Alliance Board of Directors, and the goals of consolidation adopted by the Chicago Alliance Board of Directors.

Committee Members:

Christine Achre, Wraparound Services
Nick Benadetta, Outreach and Engagement Constituency Group
Debbie Culpepper, Concerned Providers
Andrea Dankin, At-Large Member
Rochester S. Green, Consumers Commission
Ann Marie Grimberg, At-Large Member
Jeffrey Gilbert, Chronic Homeless Constituency Group
David Granberry, Consumers Commission
Reginal Harden, At-Large Member
Flora Koppel, Homeless Youth Constituency Group
Reather Stockstell, Consumer Commission