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This section addresses these key topics:

Consumers Commission Functions
Consumers Commission Constituency Groups/Caucuses
Consumers Commission Membership Criteria

The Consumers Commission (CC) of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness is a key advisory body of the Alliance consisting of individuals who are current consumers of Chicago's homeless system, people who were formerly homeless or people at risk of becoming homeless.

View the Comsumers Commission Membership List.

CC Functions

The CC is an advisory body to the Chicago Alliance Board of Directors. Its activities include:

  • Providing an experienced voice for the mission and vision of ending homelessness.
  • Undertaking advocacy around ending homelessness.
  • Acting as spokespeople to raise public awareness around ending homelessness.
  • Raising red flag concerns.
  • Contributing expertise and advice.

CC members also serve on the Alliance's Board of Directors, Advocacy Committee, Plan Advisory Committee, and ERA Committee.

The CC charter details functions, structure, meeting times and membership.

CC Constituency Groups/Caucuses

Homeless Caucus
Mental Health Caucus
HIV/AIDS Housing Advisory Committee
Chronic Homeless Constituency Group

CC Membership Criteria

Individuals eligible for the Consumers Commission are:

  • Current consumers of Chicago's homeless system; or,
  • An individual who has been through the entire process from becoming homeless to housing stabilization.
  • An individual who represents a particular perspective with the general population of people who are homeless, e.g. youth, homeless parents with children, people in recovery, people with mental illness, veterans, ex-offenders, people with HIV/AIDS, etc.

CC members agree to attend, at a minimum, the four yearly meetings of the Commission, and receive a stipend for each meeting attended.

The 2007-2008 Consumers Commission has already been identified. If you are interested in or know someone who would be interested in serving in the future, you can contact Sherise Alexander, Director of Operations, at