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The Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness, the Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County, and the Evanston Alliance on Homelessness have embarked on the first-ever county-wide partnership to improve discharge planning across Cook County.

By improving the coordination of housing and services upon discharge and exploring new resources and strategies for discharge planning, we can prevent vulnerable populations who are leaving public institutions, like jails or hospitals, from becoming homeless.

A Countywide Forum on Discharge Planning and Homelessness was held on July 14, 2008, bringing together over 200 people to discuss the policies of discharging institutions and ways to ease re-entry into community life and prevent homelessness. Building on the success of the forum, a steering committee of agencies and individuals who have experienced homelessness will work to implement discharge planning best practices in the areas of health care, mental health, veterans, youth, jails, and prisons.

To learn more about the forum and see video highlights, click here!

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To participate in the Discharge Planning Committee, please contact:

Discharge Planning Committee Chair: Erin Ryan
Discharge Planning Committee Staff: Nicole Amling

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Learn about our Work

Accomplishments of the committee include:

• In 2009, Chicago Alliance staff did a nationwide scan of discharge planning best practices and presented to the committee.
• In 2009, members of the veteran sub-committee helped establish an alternative sentencing court for veterans in Cook County.
• In 2009, an informal scan done by the health care sub-committee revealed that no hospitals in the area regularly ask housing status at the point of intake.
• In 2010, a task force of the committee analyzed the Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness for discharge planning implications.
• In 2010, a member of the committee conducted a SOAR Training for 30 Chicago providers.
• In 2010, Chicago Alliance staff analyzed current homeless data to identify the percentage of individuals being discharged from institutions into homelessness.
• In 2011, the committee persuaded the City of Chicago and Suburban Cook County to include a question on discharge planning on their biannual Point-in-Time Count.   

Discharge Planning Committee Minutes
2010 Minutes