Chicago Homeless, Housing First, Ending Homelessness
Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness


For the Alliance, "Ending Homelessness" means that all individuals and families facing homelessness in Chicago will have access to safe, decent, affordable housing and the resources and supports needed to sustain it.

In other words...

...someone who might be confronting homelessness is instead met with resources that keep them in their home.

And someone who is actually losing their home enters a system that quickly finds them new housing.

Homelessness will end when everyone can find and maintain a permanent home.

Some individuals and families will experience major blows that put them at risk of homelessness-job loss, health problems, domestic violence, fire, and others. Ending homelessness means better prevention to help people about to lose their homes, rapid re-housing for people who lose their homes, and support services to promote housing stability and self-sufficiency.

The Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness advocates for a Housing First approach to ending homelessness. This means:

  • Preventing homelessness wherever possible, and
  • Quickly moving people who become homeless into permanent housing-and helping them stay there.

The concept of ending homelessness is both radical and simple - radical in the notion that we can permanently END a social problem, but simple in that it recognizes a basic human need for home.