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Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness


The Alliance came into existence on December 22, 2006 through the efforts of numerous local stakeholders committed to ending homelessness.

Two Integral Organizations

The Alliance was the result of the widely-supported consolidation of the two organizations most integrally involved with the implementation of Chicago’s Plan to End Homelessness: the Partnership to End Homelessness and the Chicago Continuum of Care.

The two organizations that formed the Alliance had successful track records in slightly different areas.

The Partnership to End Homelessness, founded in 1999, was a collaboration of nearly 90 homeless service agencies in metropolitan Chicago that worked as a leader in the movement to end homelessness. Its priorities were helping agencies transition according to Chicago’s Plan to End Homelessness, securing new funding, and maintaining strong public/private collaboration.

The Chicago Continuum of Care, founded in 2001, was a community-driven collaborative of providers, government agencies, funders, advocates, and people who were homeless or formerly homeless. Its twofold purpose was to oversee the Plan to End Homelessness and to manage funding for homeless services from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The consolidation brought together the best of both organizations in the Alliance, which carries forward the essential work of the Partnership and the Chicago Continuum.