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The Chicago Homeless System Mapping Project is an interactive map that provides visuals of Chicago's homeless service system.

All 300+ Programs Represented

Launched in 2004, the Chicago Homeless System Mapping Project includes all of the 300+ programs that make up Chicago's homeless service system. These maps allow viewers to become familiar with where homeless programs are located, what are the unique features of the programs, and how these programs have changed over the past five years as Chicago's homeless system changed according to Chicago's 10-year plan to end homelessness.

The Chicago Homeless System Mapping Project is a tool to assist individual service agencies and system planners. The Mapping Project provides an overall view of the homeless service system now, and as it has changed, and allows for a planned system conversion process based on the system's needs and on agency strengths.

Chicago Homeless System Mapping Project
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Map Features

Some unique features of the Chicago Homeless System Mapping Project:

  • View the map to see the entire Chicago system, or zoom in closer to view by region, by neighborhood or by individual program.
  • View the map in multiple ways by choosing to view the “service type” map or the ”population served” map.
  • View the maps showing only some service types or some populations served by un-clicking the boxes in the list on the left-hand side to view only the programs that are the specified type or population (for example, interim housing).
  • Search all programs by agency, program name, or keywords.
  • View the changes in Chicago's homeless system over time by clicking on the three phases - 2005, 2007 and Current.
  • Find out more about specific programs by clicking on that program icon and then clicking "view details."