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Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness


The mission of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness is to create, support, and sustain effective strategies to end homelessness in Chicago.

The Vision

The Alliance's vision for the future is that all individuals and families facing homelessness in Chicago will have access to safe, decent, affordable housing and the resources and support needed to sustain their housing.

The Alliance performs key roles, including:

  • Bringing best practices, system coordination and evaluation to Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness
  • Managing major state and federal grants for homelessness, including a $50 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and $3.3 million in state homeless prevention funds
  • Advancing policies that address barriers to ending homelessness
  • Increasing public awareness and support for ending homelessness

The Alliance was formed in 2006 through the consolidation of two organizations that played leading roles in developing Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness: the Chicago Continuum of Care and the Partnership to End Homelessness. It is an independent, nonprofit organization.

The creation of the Alliance united key stakeholders involved in ending homelessness: service providers, philanthropic leaders, the research community and people who have experienced homelessness. It removed duplication of effort, optimized the use of limited resources, and strengthened the work of implementing Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness.

The Alliance brings together in a single organization the essential ingredients needed to bring an end to homelessness, in partnership with the public sector. It is a welcoming nexus where institutions and individuals who care about homelessness may participate in creating lasting solutions.