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Plan 2.0 Celebrates One Year Anniversary!
Upcoming Events in September
Consolidation of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness and the Emergency Fund

Plan 2.0 Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

As of August 2013, Chicago's Plan 2.0: A Home for Everyone is celebrating its one year anniversary.  Download your copy of the second Semi-Annual Progress Report to find out what is going on with each of the seven strategic priorities.  The report includes updated Point in Time Count data and housing need projections, as well as numeric and substantive achievements from the past six months of implementation.  You can also download the first Semi-Annual Progress Report from February 2013. 

The Chicago Alliance is proud to announce that Plan 2.0 launched on August 23, 2012. 

Download Plan 2.0 today!

A printer-friendly version is also available. 

The Plan Advisory Committee has developed a Plan 2.0 Discussion Guide to promote conversation throughout the community about Plan 2.0 and what it means to you.  Use this handy guide to begin talking with your committee, constituency group, commission, organization, and board about the Plan's implementation.  Contact Nicole Amling if you need additional information or would like to volunteer for a Plan 2.0 committee. 

Plan 2.0 was developed over eight months of extensive community dialogue and feedback, with participation from over 500 stakeholders, including 150 people who have experienced homelessness themselves.  It is divided into seven strategic priorities that represent the most cutting-edge thinking on preventing and ending homelessness from around the country and will guide our community's efforts for years to come.

The process for creating Plan 2.0,  designed to involve all interested stakeholders, included a series of community prep meetings, a community planning charrette in January to establish priorities and recommendations, and public input on Plan 2.0 in the spring.  The process was led by the Chicago Alliance, the City of Chicago, and the Chicago Planning Council on Homelessness.  Here is a re-cap of the planning process:

Kick-off Community Meetings and Discussion of Top Issue Areas
In November 2011, 137 individuals and 16 stakeholder committees met to review the principles of the planning process and identify top issue areas to be included in Plan 2.0.

Community Planning Charrette and Public Feedback
In January 2012, 445 individuals, including local and national experts, gathered at a week-long community planning session to identify actionable recommendations for each top issue area.  The Final Charrette Report is available online. 

Preparing Plan 2.0 with Public Input
From March to June 2012, eight community decision-making bodies reviewed and provided feedback on draft priorites and goals of Plan 2.0.  The Interim Housing and Rapid Rehousing Task Force, with participation from 19 providers, consumers, and funders, also met to develop additional Plan 2.0 recommendations.

Planning Council Ratification
On June 20, 2012, the Chicago Planning Council on Homelessness reviewed and unanimously approved Plan 2.0. 

Mission Statement
for the Creation of Version Two of Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness
Adopted by the Steering Committee on August 11, 2011

The Chicago Continuum of Care aims to prevent homelessness whenever possible and provide an integrated array of housing and services to help families, individuals, and youth progress from homelessness to their highest possible level of self-sufficiency. To achieve these goals in an effective and cost-efficient manner for the greatest number of Chicagoans in need, the Continuum will redevelop its Plan to End Homelessness, originally endorsed in January 2003. Our planning process will be:

• Inclusive of as many stakeholders as possible including people who are currently or formerly homeless, service providers, policymakers, advocates, funders, and civic leaders;

• Driven by data from the 2009-2011 evaluation of Chicago’s Plan conducted by Loyola University of Chicago and the University of Chicago as well as other instructive program and system-level data;

• Attentive to performance measures (including the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009) to ensure that Chicago is deploying its resources in the most efficient manner possible to achieve our goals; and

• Mindful of the current and foreseeable resources, risks, and external opportunities impacting Chicago’s homeless system.

Upcoming Events in September

The Chicago Alliance invites you to two great upcoming events:

Purse Power on September 19
Join us at this fun networking event targeting professional women and benefitting All Chicago.  Attendees purchase raffle tickets for a change to win designer and vintage purses.  The event will be held at Germania Place, 108 W. Germania Place, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.  Tickets are available online.

The BenchMark from September 19 – October 20
Check out this local theater production from Step Up Productions based on the true story of Mark, a charming, eloquent man without a home.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Alliance.  Performances will take place at the Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport Avenue.  Tickets are available online.  There will be a special reception in honor of the Chicago Alliance immediately following the Sunday, October 13th performance. 

Consolidation of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness and the Emergency Fund

Chicago now has a strong, united voice and effective resource to prevent and end homelessness.

Effective October 1, 2011 the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness and the Emergency Fund combined their work, offices, and energies in the fight against homelessness, creating a single, seamless system for delivering housing assistance and services to the city of Chicago.
For a combined 43 years, our organizations have been committed to providing services and developing strategies focused on preventing and ending homelessness. Together, we connect with 84 human service agencies, share consumer populations, and play an integral role in implementing Chicago’s Plan to End Homelessness.

In an effort to truly realize our common vision – a home for everyone, including the most vulnerable and the most challenged – we have decided to join our teams to create a single and effective service system and advocacy force to solve the homelessness crisis in Chicago.
This new partnership will allow us to increase private donations for the system, provide a more holistic approach to preventing and ending homelessness in Chicago, and increase the amount of housing available to Chicago’s most vulnerable.

CEO Nonie Brennan, longtime champion for the underserved and current executive director of the Emergency Fund, will lead this new joint-entity along with a dedicated and valued team of 28 board members and 17 staff members. During this transition, our consumers will remain serviced and supported.

While each organization will retain its identity and non-profit status, the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness and the Emergency fund will combine our leadership, efforts and resources in order to deepen our impact. Together, we will strive to ensure that everyone in our community has a home and no one is left behind. We look forward to working with you to carry out this important mission.