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This section addresses these key topics:

Service Providers Commission Functions
Service Providers Executive Committee
Service Providers Commission Constituency Groups/Caucuses
Service Providers Commission Membership Criteria

The Service Providers Commission (SPC) of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness is a membership coalition of approximately 70 organizations providing homeless services and advocacy in Chicago and working to end homelessness.

View the Service Providers Commission Membership List.

SPC Functions

The SPC is an advisory body to the Chicago Alliance Board of Directors. Its activities include:

  • Being a unified voice for the mission and vision of ending homelessness.
  • Undertaking advocacy around ending homelessness.
  • Being involved in developing and implementing strategies to end homelessness.
  • Raising red flag concerns.
  • Contributing expertise and advice.

SPC members also serve on the Alliance's Board of Directors, Advocacy Committee, Plan Advisory Committee, and ERA Committee.

The SPC charter details functions, structure, meeting times and membership.

SPC Executive Committee

The SPC is governed by a 27-person Executive Committee comprised of 1) individuals elected at-large by SPC members, and 2) representatives of each service provider constituency group and caucus.

MemberConstituency Group
Christine AchreWrap-Around Services
Kathy AhlerConcerned Providers
Sherri Allen-ReevesAt-Large
Tina AustinAt-Large
Michael BanghartPermanent Supportive Housing
Arturo BendixenAIDS Housing Providers
Cynthia BradleyAt-Large
Mark BradleyOutreach and Engagement
Kenneth BurnettAt-Large
Alvena ClarkChronic Homelessness
Joyce CoffeeDomestic Violence
Johanna DaltonAlternate
Ceandra DanielsAlternate
Richard DucatenzeilerAt-Large
Sol FloresLatino Council on Homelessness
Bill HayesHomeless Action Committee
Eileen HigginsAt-Large
Maria KamenakiAt-Large
Katy KelleghanHealth Care for the Homeless
Flora KoppelHomeless Youth Providers
Megan LaFromboisAt-Large
Fred MaclinAt-Large
Tammy MarreroAlternate
Maura McCauleyHomeless Families
Kathleen MolnarHomeless Prevention
Edgelle PettigrewAlternate
Kathy RagnarHomeless Committee of ONE
Ellen RayAlternate
Erin RyanAt-Large
Shannon StewartAlternate
Audrey ThomasAt-Large
Peter ToepferAt-Large

SPC Constituency Groups/Caucuses

AIDS Housing Provider Committee
Chicago Chronic Homeless Group
Chicago Community Based Black Caucus
Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network
Concerned Providers
Healthcare for the Homeless Forum
Homeless Action Committee
Homeless Committee of the Organization of the NorthEast
Homeless Families
Homeless Youth Providers
Homelessness Prevention
Interim Housing Providers
Latino Council on Homelessness
Permanent Supportive Housing
Wraparound Services

SPC Membership Criteria

To be eligible for membership in the SPC, an agency must:

  • Provide services or advocacy to people or on behalf of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness as a primary organizational function.
  • Operate in Chicago.
  • Support the mission of the Alliance and the SPC.
  • Have a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Identify one representative and an alternate to the SPC.
  • Attend, at a minimum, the four meetings of the Commission.
  • Pay annual dues up to $500, depending on the agency budget

If you are interested in applying for membership on behalf of your agency, please contact Sherise Alexander, Director of Operations, at