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Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness


Service Providers Commission (SPC)

The Service Providers Commission (SPC) of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness is a membership coalition of approximately 70 organizations providing homeless services and advocacy in Chicago and working to end homelessness. The SPC is an advisory body to the Chicago Alliance Board of Directors. A membership committee works with potential members. If your agency is interested in becoming a member, please review the membership criteria [link again to SPC page]. For more information, contact us at

Consumers Commission (CC)

The Consumers Commission (CC) of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness is a key advisory body of the Alliance consisting of individuals who are current consumers of Chicago's homeless system, people who were formerly homeless or people at risk of becoming homeless. This 15 member body is elected annually in late summer. For more information, please visit the Consumers Commission webpage or contact us at


If you are interested in volunteering to help, please check out the Service Providers Commission's Member list and contact an agency directly or visit their website to learn about volunteer opportunities.